Our latest movie – Squadron a Star Trek fan production

At the height of the Dominion War, a Starfleet captain is unexpectedly promoted to rear admiral and given command of four starships sent to patrol a remote sector. Big problems come when Dominion agents attempt to hijack one of those ships.


Set on a real fan made bridge set

Our bridge set, props, costumes, prosthetics are the work of fellow fans, enthusiasts and amateurs. We make everything out of love for Star Trek and fund everything ourselves.

About us

We are Trekkies from the Czech Republic (Europe). We love Star Trek and also, we love making movies. In 2016 we’ve finished building our own recreation of the Norway-class Starship bridge set in our studio. Since then we’ve been creating stories and filming movies. But now comes the time to bring it all to you. Squadron is our dream project which we’ve been making for the last 2 years. We tried to perfect the craft of filmmaking and storytelling throughout previous projects and now we think it is the right time to create something unique and special.

For us it’s not just about bringing our stories to life, but also about spending time with our friends and creating something together. That’s why we’re reaching out to you.

Squadron team

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